You might be a Scoutaholic if:

You and your boss attend the monthly Eagle Scout networking lunch together.

You raise your hand in the scout sign at a heated business meeting.

The only t-shirts in your drawer have camp or scouting logos on them.

You proudly accept the Eagle Mentor pin from the son of the first boy who ever presented you with an Eagle Mentor pin.

Your BSA license plate has outlasted the car that you originally purchased it for.

Parents of the newest Eagles ask you how to plan a Court-of-Honor, rather than asking the current unit leaders.

You call the national BSA office with your newest program or patch idea, and they actually listen.

All the cookie cutters in your collection are paw prints, fleur-de-lis, or animal heads.

There are ten or more merit badges that you have instructed so many times that you have all your supplies and materials ready to teach them at a moments notice, and you have the requirements memorized for all of them.

You design your own patch to trade at Jamboree.

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