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Cub Advancements
Webelos Activity Badges
Sports Program
Academics Program
Cub Awards

Boy Scout Advancement
Required Merit Badges
Merit Badges
Boy Scout Awards

Venture Advancement
Venture Awards
Sea Scout Advancement
Sea Scout Awards

Order of the Arrow

Religious Awards
Bravery & Merit Awards
Outstanding Service Awards
Scouting Support Awards

Youth Awards for Leaders
   50-Miler Award
   Boardsailing BSA
   BSA Lifeguard
   Donor Awareness
   Emergency Preparedness Award
   Firem'n Chit
   Historic Trails Award
   International Activity Badge
   Interpreter Strip
   James M Stewart Good Citizenship Award
   Kayaking BSA
   Leave No Trace Awareness Award (Cub)
   Leave No Trace Achievement Award
   Mile Swim, BSA
   National Camping Award
   Paul Bunyan Woodsman
   Physical Fitness Award
   Ready and Prepared
   Recruiter Strip
   Scuba BSA
   Snorkeling, BSA
   Totin' Chip
   US Heritage Gold Award
   William T Hornaday Unit Certificate
   Young American
   Marin Council Scout Awards
   Mt. Diablo Silverado Council Scout Awards
   San Francisco Bay Area Council Scout Awards
Insignia for Youth Awards
Cub Leader Awards
Boy Scout Leader Awards
Venture Leader Awards
Sea Scout Leader Awards
Adult Leader Awards

Adult Advancement
Adult Required MBs
Adult MBs
Youth Awards for Leaders
50-Miler Award   Boardsailing BSA   BSA Lifeguard   Donor Awareness   Emergency Preparedness Award
Firem'n Chit   Historic Trails Award   International Activity Badge   Interpreter Strip   James M Stewart Good Citizenship Award
Kayaking BSA   Leave No Trace Awareness Award   Leave No Trace Achievement Award   Mile Swim, BSA   Paul Bunyan Woodsman
Physical Fitness Award   Recruiter Strip   Scuba BSA   Snorkeling BSA   Totin' Chip
  U.S. Heritage Gold Award   William T Hornaday Unit Certificate   Young American