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OA National, Regions & Sections
National Order of the Arrow website
Central Region
Northeast Region
Southern Region
Western Region
Section C1A
Serves North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan
Section C1B
Serves parts of Wisconsin, and Michigan
Section S1
Louisiana, Missippi, and Arkansas
Section S2-3N
Oklahoma, North Arkansas and North Texas
Section S5
South Carolina, Northeastern Georgia, and Western North Carolina
Section S6
Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northern Mississippi
Section S7B
Serves Eastern North Carolina
Section W1C
Western Idaho & Eastern Washington and Oregon
Section W1N
Northwest Washington & Alaska
Section W1S
Western Oregon & Northern California
Section W3N
Northern Nevada & Northern California
Section W3S
Parts of California near San Francisco
Section W4B
Southern California
Section W4C
Arizona & Southern Nevada
Section W4N
California LA area
Section W5A
New Mexico & Southern Colorado
Section W5B
Central Colorado
Section W5D
Utah, Eastern Idaho, and Southwestern Wyoming