You might be a Scoutaholic if:

Your BSA license plate has outlasted the car that you originally purchased it for.

You call the national BSA office with your newest program or patch idea, and they actually listen.

You proudly accept the Eagle Mentor pin from the son of the first boy who ever presented you with an Eagle Mentor pin.

Your district advancement chairman knows your unit so well that he notices Eagle paperwork from your unit and has already penciled-in the Eagle Board of Review for your favorite time before contacting you.

You and your boss attend the monthly Eagle Scout networking lunch together.

You know where to find a local scout office in all the cities where your relatives live.

The only t-shirts in your drawer have camp or scouting logos on them.

You walk past five food vendor booths at the stadium to support the local OA lodge.

You make a concerted effort to stop by the local Council office in every city you visit, or drive through, or get close to when you travel.

Your Christmas card photo was a family picture of the entire family in their scouting uniforms.

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