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We want to know what you want to see on this site. We have lots of ideas, and need your help to prioritize them. You can even add your own ideas to the list.
With which family of scouting are you involved? Cubs
  Cub Leader
  Boy Scouts
  Boy Scout Leader
  Varsity Leader
  Venture Leader
  Paid Scouter
Please rate your interest in seeing the following information on the website:
   Advancement Requirements
   Merit Badge Requirements
   Special Award Requirements
   Advancement Teaching Helps for Leaders
   Merit Badge Teaching Helps for Leaders
   Special Award Teaching Helps for Leaders
   Links to Council Websites
   Links to other Scouting resource websites
   Adult Advancement (The Golden Eagle Award, etc.)
   The Presidents Volunteer Service Award
   Immediate Recognition Program
   Scoutaholic Songbook
   Patch / Memorabilia Swap
   My own email address @
   My Unit Website @
   Online Advancement Classes
   Online Merit Badge Classes
   Online Special Awards Classes
   Online Cub Award Classes
Please rate your interest in the following Special Reports.
   How to request Eagle Congratulatory Certificates from celebrities.
   How to plan large group (district / council) camps
   Canned Camps (all the planning we can do for you)
   How to ... (please comment on which you want)
   How to Make and Use an Authentic Indian Tipi
   Scouting Software comparisons
   Merit Badge Worksheets
   17 Months from New Scout to Eagle Scout
   After Eagle ... Now What?
   Flag Care
   Ceremonies (please specify what kind you want)
What else would you like to see on this site?
Please give any other relevant comments here:
Please provide contact information in case we need to contact you for clarification or response.
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